The main character in Fatal Fury, should be the main character in Kings of Fighters, could kick Kto's ass anyday.
Terry Bogard is the most bad-ass character ever, he kicked Geese Howard's ass in FF1 with the Hakkyokuseiken.
by Khoa Phan February 21, 2005
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a character that @RealCooki from twitter mains in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.
Look guys, its Terry Bogard!
by shitfucker4000 January 17, 2021
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Terry Bogard is the main character of Fatal Fury, an important character in The King of Fighters and the mascot of SNK. He and his brother, Andy Bogard, were orphans until Jeff Bogard adopted them. When the brothers turned 10, Jeff was murdered by Geese Howard. Because of this, Andy went to Japan to train while Terry stayed in America. Years later, Geese opens a fighting tournament. Seeking revenge, Terry enters this tournament to avenge his father and stop Geese.
"Are you okay? BUSTA WOLF!"

-Terry Bogard, sometime in the 1990's
by Some guy on UD November 12, 2019
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