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a cocky person. (typically male.)
braggart. egotist. blowhard.

a tentpiece usually believes that he has skills or qualities which he simply does not--or in the off chance that he does, it is in an extremely limited capacity, at best.
this over-confidence often manifests itself as vanity, bossiness, conceit, or an overly-cocksure air.
those in the company of a tentpiece regularly must exercise great restraint from verbally and physically bitch-slapping him.

'tentpiece' makes reference to the phrase 'pitching a tent,' (i.e. tentpieces tend to be turned on primarily by themselves). a tentpiece oft overcomes for various (commonly sexual) shortcomings with blatant arrogance and conceit in an effort to prove their masculinity.

god, lucien thinks the sun rises and sets to his admittedly toned, but misshapen ass....what a tentpiece.

dreselda moaned with dread when her boyfriend gaylord was crowned winner of the fabio look-alike contest. he could be such a tentpiece, and she knew she'd never hear the end of it.

by j saegusa May 30, 2008
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