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Pronounced: "Tel-O-Caster", A solid body electric guitar that looks like a cross between a Telecaster guitar and a Stratocaster guitar. It usually features the body of a Stratocaster and the Neck of a Telecaster guitar, the pickups configuration can be any combination of single coils, p-90's, ASAT MFD, Humbuckers, Teisco Foil Pickups, you name it. Not an official model from any particular brand, however Telecaster & Stratocaster are brand model names that belong to Fender Musical Corp. The Tel-o-caster guitar is usually just made of miscellaneous left over guitar parts and can often times be found in the rural south at many pawn shops. Note that it's been said that you can't play the blues unless you've got a guitar that's spent a few nights in a pawn shop a time or two.
Hey Mister, how much is that Telocaster in the window and do you have layaway?

That Bubba Bee is the Master of the Telocaster!
by Apple Morgan March 28, 2008
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