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1. When you really, really need to speak with a live person at a company, but the computerized call system keeps booting you around.

2. When a computerized call system keeps misunderstanding what you're saying, even when you're speaking super slowly and clearly.
1. (Dialing) "Oh, man, I really need to talk to someone about that $875 pay-per-view charge on my cable bill." "For account information, press 1. For sales, press 2." "No, no, I need a real person!" (Alternately pressing 0, asterisk, and the pound symbol) "Welcome to the outages hotline." Agggggh, I'm in tele-hell!!!" 2. (Dialing) "Oh, man, I really need to talk to someone about fixing my smashed phone." "For technical support, say, 'support.' "Suuh-pooort." "I think you said, 'USB port.' Is that correct?" "No, support! Suuuhhhh-pooooorrrrt!! Agggggh, I'm in tele-hell!!!
by WordOfArt July 19, 2010
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