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To date/kiss/hook up with teens when you are a girl already of age and in your twenties because you have a problem assuming you are not a teen anymore.

The act of cradle robbing for 21 to 29-year old girls/women.
Mica - I can't believe Pili made out with that 18-year-old boy! She's 21!!
Fer - Yeah, she's got to stop the teennap already...
Yani - Who are you guys to talk? Your boyfriends are both one year younger that you!
Mica - Hey! Weren't you asked out by that 17-year-old who's still at school?
Yani - Sao... I'm not into teennapping...
by PiLuSiNa August 01, 2007
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v. Equivalent to the word 'kidnap' except it refers to the abduction of teens (ages 13 - 19).
Holy crap, she was teennapped during her walk with her dog.
by mr. boomba July 16, 2005
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