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An overhyped young adult novel that is problematic either from a literary or thematic standpoint but loved unconditionally by masses of teenagers. They typically have generic and unrelatable main characters whose suffering makes people believe that they have good character traits when in reality they're assholes or basic.
Twilight is Teen Trash because Bella is problematic and a horrible role model for girls.
The Hunger Games is Teen Trash because it takes the already overused dystopian theme and tries to throw a love triangle in it, and has a character with potential (Katniss) turn completely helpless by the last book
The Fault In Our Stars is Teen Trash because Augustus Waters is pretentious but younlearn not to hate him because he used to/has cancer. Above all, this book is another sappy heterosexual romance with bad role models.
by Destroya January 04, 2015
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