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The act of turning something (e.g. a project, a process, an organization) into a bureaucratic quagmire that is reminiscent of the teeay (the New York City Transit Authority) method of doing business, where multiple independent approvals are required for any initiative to move forward (with approvers who may or may not be aware that their approval is required), copious paper forms must be filled out, and the process emphasizes bureaucratic requirements and the process itself instead of the ultimate goal or efficiency in reaching an objective.

For instance, many online merchants have undergone teeaification of their returns process (e.g. requiring return merchandise authorizations, proof of purchase, specific mailing labels to be printed, waiting periods, mandatory phone calls with tech support, etc.) in order to make returning their products difficult.
The teeaification of this project has reached 72% towards substantial completion, there are only 56 approvals remaining and nine departments that must under go process re-engineering, as well as 127 employees plus six contractors that must undergo required training and have their teeaification certificates signed.
by aem7902 September 24, 2019
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