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Someone who is new to technology. A non-geek.

Anything new has a tendency to invoke fear, wariness and distrust. Newcomers to the technoscene are commonly assailed with pejoratives: but we were all newbies once; and every one of us remains a noob in some field of human endeavour - nobody knows it all.

The term 'technovice' is a more polite, welcoming term. It says, "Hi there friend, I see you're new here, do you need a hand?" whereas "FOAD you loser n00b!" simply pollutes cyberspace.

The word can be read as 'tech'+'novice', describing the present state of the user's knowledge (or rather, lack of it): but hidden within is the suggestion of things to come, when read as 'techno'+'vice' :)
"Mandy's a real technovice, I had to show her where the power switch was on her PC."
by Colin Reynolds September 29, 2007
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