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Technoprude is already defined but this is a much more fitting definition. This pertains to advancements in technology and people from older generations who refuse to accept that technology does indeed advance and the companies behind it are not trying to screw the customer, like some might think.

Technoprude: One who refuses to use, accept and/or embrace new technology.
technoprude v.2

People who refuse to upgrade to Windows 7 because they think that XP is still good enough even though Microsoft stopped supporting it, are technoprudes.

When the local cable company gives you 100 free HD channels but you don't get them because you think that the cable company is trying to screw you by making you pay 5 extra bucks per month for a decoder box, you are a technopude.

You get mad because the local cable company is switching to all digital and you have to get a box in order to watch TV, you are a technoprude. Who uses analog anymore?

Your ISP triples the amount of bandwidth you get and you get pissed because you don't want to buy a new cable modem. You are a technoprude.

You continue to use your 11 year old computer because as long as you can still get your email you don't need to buy a new computer. You will probably call your ISP naughty names when they stop supporting your 11 year old computer because it still "works just fine" even though it takes 30 minutes to boot. Yea, you're a technoprude.

If you still have dial-up internet, you're a technoprude.

The list goes on forever.
by notatechnoprude September 08, 2011
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