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An unexpected erection which occurs when you encounter a new/cool/sexy piece of technology.
When Rob opened his new brushed-metal scanner, he suddenly sprouted a techno boner.
by Psypher October 19, 2004
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When a person gets so excited about technology, or nerdy stuff that they get an erection/hard-on/boner from the digital lust of new technology. Usually related to new or unreleased technology, televisions, i-phones, zunes, hard drives (thats what she said), etc. When in a public setting the term Technoboner can be shortened to "TB" in order to hide your heightened state and preserve your dignity. . . Unless you have a huge erection in which case your screwed.
I can't believe how incredible this new Zune HD is with it's touchscreen, HD output, HD radio and intuitive software. Every time i use it i totally get a Technoboner.
by That guy Kyle November 01, 2009
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