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1. something an actor applies to their eyes which stings, producing fake tears, for an emotional scene. you could just buy an onion but a tearstick is more hollywood, and also quite a secret within the industry.

2. another word for a penis of large girth. when inserted, it will tear up any vagina or ass, no matter how tight or loose they be.

3. tearstick is also an AOL screen name widely known to belong to a famous celebrity. the livejournal gossip community ohnotheydidnt revealed this in 2005.
1. "pass me my tearstick, my dog dies in this scene and i can't work up the balls to cry"

2. "ralph's tearstick really did a number on my cooch last night"

3. "why won't that tearstick answer my instant messages? does he think he's better than me just coz he owns 4 houses and 19 cars?"
by Gabo71 May 07, 2006
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