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A chain of frozen-yogurt stores. Stands for "The Country's Best Yogurt." Very popular amongst the very old and diabetic, as well as people with eating disorders, because of it's low-fat and sugar-free flavors. The fact that the yogurt is low-fat does not deter obese teenagers who order three pounds of oreo topping on their fat-free chocolate. Also known for it's employees, who are so full of shit and lazy, that they are, in turn, bullied and harrassed by their customers so they will get off their butt and work for a change. The sugar-free flavors also taste like ass.
Middle-aged mother of 4, wearing a camel-toe enhacing lyra workout outfit, who has just come from the gym:
"Where are your flavors?"

TCBY employee is pretending to clean something and ignores customer.

Camel-toe lady:
"Get me a medium fat-free, sugar-free butter pecan, with fat-free sugar free hot fudge and the sugar-free chocolate chips with non-dairy whipped cream and one blue sprinkle."
by white chocolate moose July 12, 2006
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tcby= tall cocks big yummies
i have a TC

"hey wanna go to get some tcby?"
"sure cause the TC's taste best with friends :-)"
by tcby4life December 22, 2007
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The Country's Best YAMS. Its hyphy and crunk.
Man, TCBY has some dam good YAMS, man.
Yea Man im cadillac Pimpin'.
by Purple Drank June 05, 2007
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