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A Tazanna is a cute girl with a tough outer shell but a soft heart. She's got a great sense of humor and she is undeniably beautiful. She is creative, outgoing, and very aggressive if you get on her bad side. She can be sweet, and protective, and if you get into a relationship with a Tazanna, be aware that she might get jealous easily.

She can strike up conversations, and bring up the most interesting conversations, and makes sure that everyone is involved in conversation. Sadly, though, Tazannas seem to be a crime magnet. They always seem to get into a mess, whether it be getting caught in the middle of something, or getting caught DOING something. Usually, it ends up with someone getting hurt or very pissed off.

If you meet a Tazanna, know that you are probably in for a lot of pranks, shenanigans, and very, VERY stupid ideas.
Guy 1: Holy shit that girl is fucking SICK
Guy 2: She's gotta be a Tazanna
by VeganFire April 15, 2018
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