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A person who is newly albeit temporarily wealthy from a huge tax return, only to be flat broke again a month later once they spend every penny on frivolous crap.
Person 1 : I just got 2 thousand on my tax return. I'm about to hit the mall.

Person 2: Why don't you take a little and splurge and save the rest or maybe get some new tires for your car because your tires are bald, or maybe even take a few classes?

Person 1: Ahh that can wait, I gotta look good this weekend. There was $200 watch I saw at Macy's and those new Jordan's came out this week. Plus.....

..........3 weeks later.........

Person 1: You got a couple bucks so I can get a few packs of noodles?

Person 2: A couple Bucks?!?!? Didn't you just get 2 G's a few weeks ago?? I knew you was a tax-time baller.

Person 1: .....*hangs head*.......
by itMIGHTbedatboy January 16, 2014
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