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Tawingo is a summer camp in Huntsville, Ontario. It is a camp for upper middle class white people. There is absolutely no diversity, there is approximately one black person per circle. The camp has a bunch of crazy rules and traditions. We all say it’s literally a cult. Once you’re in the Tawingo family, you can never leave. Apart from that, I have enjoyed so many summers there and I love camp to death. Camp is the best place to be and I wouldn’t spend a second somewhere else. Everyone is just so happy and fun and makes sure the campers have a good time. The Ray Marinko Relay is truly the best day of the year, no one can understand what it really is unless you are there. It is so special and the Ray Marinko Relay will always hold a place in a Tawingo camper’s heart. Camp friends are friends for life and Tawingo is an amazing camp to make those. It’s a small world, and you can always find someone who is also part of Tawingo (well only if you live in Toronto)
A group hiking at the top of a mountain...
B: Dude what is that
C: It’s a Tawingo thing, it’s hard to explain
by avengersrock1335 March 18, 2018
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