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one who tells on somebody when what they're telling doesn't at all affect them
Joe is such a tattle-tail. He saw me sneak a cookie and he told mom.
by bobby crispy July 19, 2012
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A creepy Furby-like toy from the horror game of the same name. Tattletail comes in either purple, yellow or blue fur, and it not only is this little bastard creepy, you constantly have to keep feeding, grooming, and recharging it, otherwise it will go on a complaining fit (or demonic possession fit as far as the recharging is concerned) that could very well get you caught by it's murderous mother.

For an awesome playthrough of the game Tattletail, look up the one done by YouTuber Markiplier
You know, I think I'd actually prefer a Furby over a Tattletail.......
by Metallicajunkie October 11, 2018
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Some random fucking game that everyone keeps talking about. It's popular for it's lookalike Mascot, TATTLETAIL. Looks like a fucking Furby. Geez.
"Hey Richard, do you know Tattletail?"
"Dude, that game is a Furby ripoff and is horrible."
by hiimmarcus May 15, 2018
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Specifically a person, usually a man, who blabs to their buddies about a woman/man they slept with, where the person they slept with specifically does not want anyone to know about the interaction or relationship. This could be for many reasons, such as keeping a work relationship a secret or cheating on a spouse. Not to be confused with tattletale, tail is specifically in reference to "getting some tail".
My ex was such a tattletail! He told his brother about us and now my parents know I'm not a virgin!
by LadyKhrystal May 27, 2010
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