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A place mostly found in the hood inside a ruin down looking, raggedy gas stations, that any person in their right mind wouldn't dream of eating from, that serves fried greasy food for low prices. These deadly foods include: fried chicken, fried catfish, mac'n'cheese, corn dogs, cheese sticks, popers, fried fat back meat and, of course, fried potato wedges aka 'taters'. Be warned eating too much of this food will kill your black a$$ or make you big as a house.
Juggernaut: Hey Wolfen I'm hungry, but i don't have a lot
of money.

JWolfen: It's cool, let's go to that raggedy tater store and
rack up.

Juggernaut: Yeah I forgot about the tater store. I can
get 24 taters for $4.00, can't beat that.

JWolfen: Man juggernaut, you know your fat a$$ don't
need no 24 taters. That stuff is going to kill you.
by App!3x August 25, 2010
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