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Tashlyn is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She never brags but deeply knows she is amazing. When she has an opinion she speaks it; and isn't afraid to. When she smiles she brightens everyone's day. She can sometimes be called sunshine, or a shooting star because she is so happy and bright all of the time. She may also be called clumsy, or a dope;) Tashlyn is a name everyone should think of as goals. She is funny, smart, beautiful and much more amazing things. She loves life and makes the best of it, but overall, she is willing to do anything for anyone no matter what is wrong in her life. She always has sparkles in her eyes and when she makes a promise she keeps it. Anyone that is her best friend is the luckiest person ever to live. She truely is the definition of life.
by Tashlyn April 15, 2017
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