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is the most amazing girl any guy could have. shes the prettiest in school. she drives me crazy with her looks. i get all warm and tingly when she kisses me. she has an amazing sense of humor. her smile can light up the room. she acts cute around you and knows how to make your laughter grow and your tears disappear. the girl i can love for who she is. you cant stay mad at her for a long amount of time. her eyes are memorizing. you cant help to love everything about her, her walk, her talk, how she smells. she looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing and does not need make up to look good. she the girl i would die for, i would never give up on, and i would fight for no matter what. you like to see her happy more then yourself. you cant stop complementing her cus you know it will never be enough. you cant describe her with words cus if you couls you would use every word imaginable. she finds away to get stuck in your head so you constantly think about her and dream about her. every other girl looks dull in comparison to her and you cant look at them. when your with her you can hardly breath cus she takes your breath away. your always trying to find new things to do to keep her happy. you wait on her hand and foot and do what ever she says cus you respect her. you dedicate your whole life to wanting to be by her side.
if you have a tasha molnar your the luckiest man in the world and better never loose her or you will be the saddest man in the world
by adfsddsgfgsdfasd May 06, 2011
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