winnet, mudgrape, clingon, dingleberry. a piece of hardened crund caught in the arsebeard. tarzanello is italian for "small tarzan" - swinging through the anal jungle.
"I'll be with you in a minute, Quentin, I'm just teasing out my tarzanellos with tweezers."
by James Hunt May 24, 2004
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an italian (sesilian ) way to describe the cigarette with marjuana and tabacco.
Yesterday i was really bad because i fummed a very strong tarzanello!!!
by PIZA February 11, 2005
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Theoretical meaning: small piece of poop attached to the pubic hair

Practical meaning: a person who does not detach even when you want to be alone
Xim: "I'm going with my girlfriend to the restaurant tonight"
OcraM: "I'm coming too!"

Xim: "Alooo don't be a TARZANELLO"
by Masson's on 3! August 27, 2023
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