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She is hard to describe. She has low self esteem, but doesn't show it. She enjoys to be out door, but document everything! She is fun and bubbly! I love Tarynn Rachel's she is amazing!
by rachel_teen April 22, 2018
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Tarynn Rachel is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, but she will never admit it. She thinks she is ugly and fat, but she is the definition of perfect. She is a tall skinny girl with milk chocolate wavey hair. Tarynn Rachel is the most caring girl you will ever meet. She loves her friends deeply and wants the best for them. She fights her demons constantly, but tries not to show is. She wears make-up to make herself feel better and thinks she only looks good when she wears eye shadow. She feels confident when she wears high waisted jeans and a crop top. She just wants to feel loved.
I wish I had a girlfriend like Tarynnn Rachel.
That girl is just like Tarynn Rachel, perfect.
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by rachel_teen May 30, 2018
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