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An extremly beautiful smart girl that when you see her it makes the rest of your day amazing. They go through lots of tragic experiences in their life so they have been through a lot and are the strongest girls you will meet. They are so amazing you wish you were lucky enough to call her yours. They will not take anyones bullshit and is not afraid to fight. Once you get to know her you'll understand why she's the way she is. Their no afraid to be their selves and they don't give a fuck. If your lucky enough to get one treat them with the most respect and hold them as close as you can. Try to spend as much time with them and don't blow her off for your friends.
Friend:You want to hang out tonight? Me:No I got a tarrissa I want to stay with her tonight sorry I dont want to lose her I'm lucky I have such a beautiful girlfriend.
by WJOH2013/2014 November 17, 2013
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