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The simple combination of a Retard piece of fucking shlitz. MAny of these tarfuckslhitz exist in modern day society. Beware of the virus they spread though, tarfuckshlitz is the only existing disease that can penetrate any mind; This sucks more cock than elton john....This can be associated with my sibling andrew. This species will kill any intelligence known to mankind. Eliminate tarfuckshlitz, it is our only hope. It is very versatile and can be used as a noun, verb, adjective and interjection.

Noun: That little tarfuckshlitz is dead
Verb: Dude I just tarfuckshlitzed the toilet badly.
Adjective: That tarfuckshlitzing pedophile is wanted for murder.
Interjection: Jesus Fuckin Christ! Holy TARFUCKSHLITZ!
Christ, this is the worst case of tarfuckshlitz ive seen yet, you are officially a dipshit fucking moronic retarded bitch.
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