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An noun referring to a stereotype of a girl (usually 20s-30s, but sometimes your occasional cougar) in today's culture. She is a train wreck and does nothing but spend lots of money, tan, and get drunk at exclusive clubs and cause train wrecks. This word originates from the cast member of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim. A one hit one she produced is called "Tardy for the Party", which is where this noun derives from because she is in fact a total train wreck and portrays this stereotype very well.
We were at Ghostbar in Las Vegas and saw this 50 year old cougar in a short bubble dress; and she had total orange skin. She was a tardy for the party.
by JupitersaidSo December 02, 2009
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The art of throwing together a trashy outfit every Friday which consists of destroyed jeans, and a plain white v-neck tee-shirt.
We're gonna look like a hot hot mess tomorrow because it's Tardy for the Party day.
by starleishaG April 21, 2010
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