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to freak out or sudenly do something clumsy, silly or stupid.
don't tardout over this man. its not a big deal.
by darkmugan May 27, 2005
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Where one transforms into a child-like and immature state. Usually involving the consumption of mass amounts of alcohol supplemented with incoherent and biligerant behaviour.

Tard Outs can occur on a scale measured "level" 1 through 5. For the rare "train wreck" of a tard out, there is a level 6 which is referred to as a cataclysmic tard out.
Remember when Ty left 500 bucks on the blackjack table to go down and play poker. What a cataclysmic tard out!
by Mark Procopio April 29, 2007
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When a person begins to become fixed in on a certain object or nothing for an extended period of time. They tend to drop their jaw, not react to things going on around them and sometimes drool.
Student 1: Dude, did you hear what was gonna be on the exam?
Student 2: Nah man, I wasn't really paying attention.
Student 1: Oh yea, I saw you tard out for a while.
by jumpin-jahoosafrats March 29, 2008
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Is an action when you become very empty headed and Sucked into something very retarded.Such as something very Retarded but funny,Then you become caught up in it and you look sort of retarded when you play that same thing over again.

"David Was watching An episode of family guy, and i witnessed him Tard out."
by Steve-o weepingdemon boy June 09, 2006
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