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when a retard is sent into a rage acquiring super-human strength
dude, don't piss him off, or he'll break out the tard rage
by daddy March 08, 2004
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Tard rage is when somebody angers a tard (or just a very socially awkward person) to the point where the tard gets so angry that they start going on rampage. The anger will often times give the tard superhuman levels of strength, and once you are in the path of one it will be impossible to escape without them trying to fucking murder you.
Backflip boy: I’m gonna write that (insert yards name) doesn’t have a dad on the white board.
Tard: RHEEEEEEEEE (somehow breaks the marker and starts to choke backflip boy out.

Bystander: oh shit he’s goin on a tard rage! Everyone run!
by DallasBoy12345 August 25, 2018
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