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A beautiful Indian name for a female meaning blade of grass. She is usually brutally honest, a funh spunky kind of girl who can be laid back and hipsterish but also enjoys the finer things in life. Typically, you'll find that she is out with friends and family having fun. Best believe, she can shut it down on the dance floor!
"Taneja let's just chill and have a couple people over"
"Sure, I'll order some food and we can turn up later"
"Okay, Taneja. Sounds good, who should we invite"
"Anyone with good vibes looking to have a good time"
by lightning queen July 22, 2014
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A Hispanic person who often sneaks out of the house to make love to strippers. Often known to attract aids and betray friends.
He gave me a Taneja
by Quench for May 31, 2018
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