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1. a brand of crackers
2. one of the bestest friends you could ever have and would travel through dragon land to save with a sword made of pretzel sticks and lifesavers :
1. mmm these tamtams are delicious!
2. oh, you're willing to give me a bone marrow transplant?? you're such a tamtam :
by ahhhfreaker July 10, 2008
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A delightful brand of cracker created by the Jews. They are salty, addicting little hexagons produced by some god named Manischewitz.
Tom: Dude I'm hungry can I have some Tam Tams?
Matt: No fuck you they are all for me
Tom: Ok
by senorpepe September 28, 2014
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A Whore with a big mouth that never stops talking. Commonly found walking the street with fellow Tam Tam's and or stealing your man.
"Aye, I've seen you man hanging around a lot of Tam Tam's lately."
Yeah, dem hoes must love small dick apparently
by diputSStupid September 23, 2016
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