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1. A mechanically inept mechanic. Primarily automotive. One whom is incapable of completing tasks at hand. They also are counter productive to thier work enviroment and cause mental anguish to thier co-workers.

2. A generally incompotent individual. Someone who at the same time causes progress to be halted by simply rewarding you with their presence.

They directly associated with Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac dancing and banging a tambourine in a sun dress however during the act nothing is being accomplished aside from creating an annoying noise and distraction to co-workers.
Will: "What the fuck is Armin doing with that car? Is it still making that loud noise?"

Ian: "The only noise I hear is that fucking tambourine banging gypsy faggot cocksucker down there fiddling around."

Will: "Oh that's what that noise was!"
by AwfullyBusy February 16, 2011
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