An all around cool guy. If you have a Talyne in your life he is the only one and is an amazing friend. Generally he’s good with the ladies and has a very true heart. If you’ve known him for a long time as a friend you’re like brothers and do everything together. He’s a happy go lucky person with a great personality. Doesn’t liked being blamed for stuff. He is a very true and loyal to his girlfriend and would never cheat or do anything mean. If he’s your boyfriend hold on for as long as possible because this guy is an amazing person and best friend I’ve always known
Jakob: Talyne’s super chill and cool
Jessica: Isn’t he cheating on his gf with Lizzy.
Jakob: No that’s a rumor Talyne would never do that.
by SammyBoii April 1, 2018
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“She’s such a Talyn.”
by Hahaskrrr December 26, 2018
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An amazing friend, a talented artist, super pretty, little band kid 👺, and an awesome person <33
You would be so lucky to have a Talyn in your life
by Ezra <33 December 10, 2021
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a 5,1 brunette, small tits, nice ass, enjoys nic, weed, molly, adderall, shrooms, acid, percs, + the additional oxycoden. she is very funny and has a nice little aesthetic. good personality and really fun to be around bruhhhh. occasionally talks shit about most people, but deep down feels horribly. usually bullies a trans male with pink hair because he smells like shit although has some sort of remorse for the male/woman. has a couple male friends but likes most of them. has a thing for veiny hands and emo boys. goes thrift shoppin. usually hangs with a gianna, a maiya, a britney n a sofia. listens to deftones, cigarettes after sex, sidewalks and skeletons, duster bruh!!!!!!! i love duster so myuch guys. shy unless you know her. funny bruhhhhhgggg. lowkey emo but not really. looks sad but doesn't have depression like you would assume.. yet my brotha. guys should i add n additional nigga in here??? a nigga or a nigger pick one don't be indesicive. comment down below and let me know before i shove my rotting tit down your mouth till it tickles your uvula and you can't take it anymore. goodbye and have a nice evening. drink some tea and take a nap you stupid bitch!
Yo, you see that talyn.
Bro...talyns bullying skylar again
You familiar with that talyn chick??
Talyn is golden!

Bro i wanna be 4liferss with talyn
by shut the fuck up bye April 4, 2022
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Someone who beats Orlando Barrera’s in basketball any day of the week
That guy is a total Talyn
by TBP12 November 24, 2021
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