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Only one of his kind. If you ever come across this guy keep him close because he is loyal like no other. This man is talented in many way but choose not to show it. Make sure you remember and appreciate him because he never forgets any act of kindness or ill mannered behavior. He can adjust to just about ananything,ladies if you ever come across him don't let him go he can make you happier then you would ever imagine , gentlemen if you ever befriended this man he will be there for you no matter what. For those of you have ever done anytime to get on his bad side we feel sorry for you.This is man is the true definition of real very rare but true. You will never find another guy like him for good reason so if you do ever cross his path immediately befriend him,you just never know the blessings he may have to offer you.
"Taitrell is one of the best people I know."
"No one has your back like Taitrell."
by Anonymous2030 a.d December 21, 2016
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