Pronounced Ta-lee-a. An amazing, wonderful friend. Typically is short with long hair. A massive goody-goody. Mostly goes for annoying boys that are nice underneath. A driven woman over obssesed with doing well in school. Any one should be lucky to have her.
1. Wow. She is such a good friend. She must be a Tahleah.
2. What a goody-two-shoes. Shes being such a tahleah.
3. Shes running for student representative, She is a tahleah.
by TheQueen111 May 9, 2016
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pronounced TA-LEE-AH, a girl, who is stubborn, often comes from a family that has gone through troubles with addiction (drugs and alcohol) very trustworthy and very caring for the people she loves. she is smart and can have lots of fun with her friends. she gives good advice about relationships however no-one has been willing to be in a good relationship with her because of her family issues or they aren't ready. tahleah has a dirty mind and gets along with many guys. she is stubborn and will go to great risks to keep a friendship she cares about, because of her dirty mind she gets along with guy and therefore has many male friends... anyone would be lucky to have a tahleah in their life, and they should never take her for granted.
don't take a tahleah for granted
a tahleah gives very good advice
by ...lovely...happy...bag June 23, 2018
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