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tactical facepalm (tak-ti-kuhl feys-pahm)


1. A maneuver performed by a unit of Internet denizens in response to an overwhelming onslaught of ignorance. The maneuver involves each member of the unit performing a standard facepalm in unison. Executed properly, the tactical facepalm is the only known defense against spontaneous cerebrofulmination—also known as "exploding head syndrome" (EHS)—resulting from exposure to extreme stupidity.
Earnest idiot: Africans were wholly responsible for slavery in the European world. Whites only bought what African slavers were offering. They're completely innocent!

Forum dweller CO: Squad, initiate tactical facepalm!

Forum dwellers: Sir, yes, sir! *facepalm*

Forum dweller XO: EHS averted, sir!
by TaintedMustard October 17, 2009
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