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A food chain restricted to texas, new mexico and oklahoma that serves freggin good mexican food. The mexican chain that will hopefully drive shitty places like taco bell out of business. Commonly referred to as, the taco C, the place prides themselves as the original mexican patio cafe. Also noteworthy, taco cabana is one of the rare fast food places you can order beer with your meal. In many people's opinion, the highlight of texas fast food.
"dude lets go out to the taco cabana."
"sure thing man. their burritos are freggin awesome."

"you guys going to the taco C?"
by another pete April 07, 2006
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The middleman between Taco Bell (even gringos like me know that shit isnt real mexican) and Real Mexican Food. Not quite the real thing, but still a damn good eating establishment.
Dude were baked, lets get some Taco Cabana

Fuck yes
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper February 26, 2011
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A party overflowing with vagina. The exact opposite of a sausage fest.
Let's blow this sausage fest. I hear it's a real taco cabana at ZTA.
by GT Shteve November 18, 2007
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