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girls and boys aged 12-16 with 78587656464 friends on myspace which was the result of weeks of hard work that consists of posting whore trains until dawn and then going to school and posting some more whore trains in class, on a SK3!!11
they usually have their names as G_____ GORE or something of the sort followed by ™ the HACKED AT 7536 K thing, and the ever-important 'vanity groups' such as: Aesthetic Perfection AP Vanity Is Perfection VIP and other embarassing things of the like.
it's to prove that they are attractive. well. at least on myspace. it's okay if they look like fat acne-faced 10 year olds in real life; no one ever leaves their room anyway. unless accompanied by a sidekick. but one MUST LOOK AT IT AT ALL TIMES and ignore every attempt at conversation someone makes. this is to hide your face, hide your voice, and not to waste precious whore-train time. which is very important.

on their page you will find a pink bear with claws that kills people because it's so BR00T4L!!1
but if you ask why they like the bear, you will probably be ignored. because there really isn't a reason. it. just. is.

the little bear is usually accompanied by an assortment of hello kitty pictures and diamonds. which most can't afford because they spent all their money on cameras (for myspace) side kick 3s (for myspace) and helly kitty plush dolls (for myspace).

but be careful, don't piss them off!1 according to them, "BITCHES GET STITCHES" and "TALK SHIT GET HIT".

but if you ever insult them (in real life i mean, they will get all their 20 million friends to hatemail you if you don't) they will just cry and eat away their emotions on a jumbo box of Ben & Jerry's. with a hello kitty spoon.

hair is usually black. well. the real hair is anyway.
for tacky-scene?
just click 'view all bulletin entries' on your homepage. 80% should be the perfect example.
by Rev.Stration April 22, 2007
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