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To attack someone in an affectionate manner.

Used in IRC channels to greet friends upon joining.
Kat_3y3z tacklefucks Infinite as he enters #hackerlounge.
by Kat_3y3z September 11, 2004
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A sexual position requiring male to wear night vision goggles and female to bend over in a dark room. The move is finished when the male runs through the room and completes intercourse while female is knocked unconscious. The same move can be accomplished by a gay couple but has a entirely different term. see Pole Vaulting.
BRO:Dude I tottaly tackle Fucked her last night.
BRA: Aw thats to bad she seemed nice.
by Parkertouch February 20, 2010
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The uncontrollable urge to jump off of a bedroom dresser and tackling your unsuspecting parter, after sucessfully tackling your partner onto the bed, the process is repeated, but instead of tackling your partner, you must either jump off the dresser and make it into the hole, or jump off play hide the dick.
"Last night i tacklefucked my boyfriend, he was not happy when i was unable to hide the dick."

"I tacklefucked my girlfriend, but she was not happy becuase i made both her nose and pussy bleed."

"I want to tacklefuck."
by Stacy Jensen January 19, 2006
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