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that motherfucker is talking all this shit hes going to get hit.(t.s.g.h)
by c,bby August 16, 2008
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talk shit get hit.

Refers to the act of instigating drama on the internet where someone responds by hacking the instigator's information systems.

Pronounced: T-S-G-H
If that guy keeps running his mouth on the forums he's going to get tsgh'd.
by beaufortninja August 18, 2011
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That shit gone (gonna, going to) happen; what to say when something upsetting or uncalled for occurs; Refer to "Shit happens"
Person 1: "Man, I was so excited for that party but my mom swooped in last second and said I couldn't go!"
Person 2: "Awh, that's really terrible man, tsgh."
by puregenius5643 January 20, 2014
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