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When a group of friends wants to completely humiliate and pummel a fellow Taunton citizen, there is one way we find most enjoyable. We begin by throwing said person into a circle of friends and smacking them hard until they cry or otherwise run away to escape the blows of said friends.
This process is usually enjoyable for the objective third party members who observe or the people doing the beatings.
The person being smacked usually does not take pleasure in this activity.
Bob: "TTBD on B" (T-town beat down on Billy)
Friends:"ya. lets do it. he is fun to smack and make cry. mawahaha"
**Billy gets pushed into a mosh pit like setting, but with no music and is unable to escape the smacks of his fellow Tauntonians.**
Billy: *cries* "This isn't funny!" *runs away*
friends: *laugh*
by J-Diz in the Hizhouse December 12, 2008
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