the t cult. A cult for those who are most t holy. Open to anyone but true followers are the ones who are most t holy. Cursed (uppercase) t is not allowed and is a sin. t cult mantra: t > all t = yes t = life.

complete t cult sin list:

1. saying the cursed uppercase t
2. not worshipping the t gods
3. being anti-t-ist
4. not being a quacct
5. being mean to other people; only the t gods can judge us
t cult associated terms:
1. quacc
2. tea

3. st ic
4. *eats sand*
person 1: t person 2: t person 3: join t cult person 1&2: yes person 3: t person 1&2&3: ttttt
by amnoagrass December 12, 2020
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