increasingly finding it harder and harder to find comfy pants to wear.. rotating between 2 pants at the moment, so i decided to wear my hubby's comfy shorts this morning..
Wifey: hun, i found my new favorite pants now
Hubby: you know, i wore those shorts like three days in a row and farted on it like crazy
Wifey: T & H!
by oktokie December 26, 2013
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A b*t*h is usually a word people use to describe someone they hate. Someone who can't be trusted, a cheater, a liar, someone you just can't stand. They just make you really wanna kill them. Usually sluts, whores, skanks, people w/ bitchy attitudes, or even cheerleaders are often known as b*t*hes..

B = B
* = I
T = T
* = C
H = H
usually used for online chattin such as; msn, facebook, meebo etc..

{example 1}

yoo man have you heard about the new girl?? she's such a b*t*h !

{example 2}

kristy: yeaa she spread so many rumours about you

amanda: OMG whatta b*t*h

{example 3} and don't forget this one;b*t*h can also be used in a jokingly way

danielle: here's your birthday gift.. what do you think

roxanne: OMFG you didn't have to give this you b*t*h!

danielle: i knew you'd love it so.. yeaa

roxanne: OMG thank you so much!

drama queen crab judgemental attack beef liar
by bebegiirl August 5, 2010
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Gertude: what music are you listening to?
Billy: T H E

Gertude: ah yes poppin
by DORISMCBIDDY September 11, 2020
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T H A C C stands for everything negative in the world, most likely for stupidity. This word is commonly used to express a person's anger for another one's stupidity
T H A C C me may
ngu nhu T H A C C
by D_M_C_S August 13, 2018
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A word that describes something that consists of many bad things, for example, stupidity. Popular among doggos and cates.
T H A C C me may
by D_M_C_S August 13, 2018
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The lord of all, the greatest being of pure light, ruling over all of reality.
Devotee:Hail M Ö T H, bro.
Heathen: wut
by Voice of M Ö T H April 14, 2021
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T H M - Thorpey Herpes Mouth

A condition where the carrier has been around the block so many times in ones 106 Gti that he has herpes mouth. The condition is contagious, it has been discovered that members of society most at risk are the female under 16's but it can be passed on to males through female carriers.
I kissed a bird last she had the worst breath ever
Mate she has T H M - Thorpey Herpes Mouth
by Florence Harper23 April 30, 2008
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