swedish for sister ie totally amazing female who will always be there for you no matter what.
syster saved my life!
by perfectly.im.perfect August 10, 2016
A categorical system used to rank someone on your desire to engage in sex with them. Most commonly ranked between 0 (lowest) and 10 (highest) but can also be categorized by celebrities such as Roseanne (lowest) and Anna Kournikova (highest).
Look at that girl over there. On the do-able decimal system she is a Roseanne for sure.
by matixbrownshirt August 5, 2004
A syster is a person who is totally out of order (wak), they don't care about the feeling of others and play a hell of a lot of call of duty
Hey man your a total syster

Hey dude your nothing but a plain old syster
That's totally outa wak man you stupid syster
by beastwad February 7, 2010