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(adverb) The unintended actions as a result of a system performing whatever it does but not necessarily in the way the originator of the system intended. Play on system and antic.

Systematic is the behavour that the system maker persieves the system is doing.
(1) The Nile Aswan dam generated a lot of electricity and prevented the Nile from flooding - but the desertification of the Nile banks was a systemantic result.

(2) In protecting our children from dirt, processing their food, sanitising their environment, they are becoming sensitive to food, cleaning products and their environment (athsma cases increase, psorisis cases increase, chocolate, peanut, lactose, gluten intolerance...)

"Objects have energy, systems have synergy - and the law of conservation of energy can be applied to synergy. When you create a system, however careful you are, synergy will be formed from whatever the system was formed from. This synergy if not applied back will have unforseen effects."
- John Gall, Systemantics
by Stephen Roesner August 15, 2006
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