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term used on IRC to initiate the synchronous smoking of weed between channel participants. a trigger such as !syncro or !cro is used to activate a count-down script in one of the channel bots. originally conceived by twerk and kneel on the dalnet network.

other variants include synchro and cro.
<cryo> would anyone care to syncroniously smoke some marijuana with me? <ian_> i would enjoy such an activity, perhaps <cryo> my smoking utensil is simply brimming with green goodness <ian_> i must deposit some in the utensil that i make use of <cryo> please, activate the script at your leisure <ian_> !syncro <d0b0t> 3, 2, 1, GO! <cryo> mmmmm <ian_> mmmmmmm
by chanzano August 04, 2007
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Syncro is a music genre in which a person edits a video or different videos of non musical content and turns it into a music video. Examples are "You See" by danielson742 and "Willy Wonka You Get Nothing" remix by SrslySirius.
I'm going to watch one of the Presidential campaigns and edit different parts of the video and run music to it and turn it into a Syncro and post it on YouTube .
by Teushu90 April 21, 2018
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