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Acronym that stands for Stuff Your Face And Get Out. Can be written in upper or lower case.

Pronounced such that it rhymes with "Chicago".

Used to describe an event where you couldn't care less about the ambience, other guests, or cause. You may have been dragged here against your will. In any case, you might as well load up on the free food/liquor at this event while dropping all etiquette and table manners, since you won't ever see any of these people again. Nor do you care if you might run into them in the future.
Ed never kept in touch with anyone in his grad class, so the 10-year reunion was a strictly syfago event.

When that fat chick invited me over so she could cook me dinner, I syfagoed. Free food ftw!

James syfagoed his wife's Poker Club Christmas dinner.
by Slammer111 July 08, 2009
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