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A person who is really awesome to hangout with.Dependable.Can gives advices.Easily hurt.Loves to eat and travel . At first you wil thought Syakirah is a quiet person but you're wrong ! Because Syakirah is really talkative.Loves to be loved .A mysterious and intersting person .Syakirah is like someone who have dark spirit protecting her . Don't like to think about one problem for a long period.Once Syakirah hates you or you annoyed Syakirah,you're finished because whatever you make for her after that,it will mean NOTHING to her.Cute.You are lucky if you get Syakirah because she will love and care for you damn much.Loyal.Independent.Don't really like noisy place.Limited girl.A cheerful person.Polite.Really special.
"you are having a bad day ? go and find Syakirah.She will make your day ! "
(awesome) (limited) (#shakirah) (#syakira)
by sharky tralala August 02, 2017
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