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verb (used with object)
swoo-dle-duped, swoo-dle-dup-ing

1. To scam, swindle, or sham with deception of such an extreme magnitude that the victim will be subject to extreme emotional outburst from cognitive dissonance if uncovered. Or, to have been the victim of such.
2. To successfully obtain domination i.e. to convince victims to assist their oppressors to obtain hegemony willingly within need to resort to active compulsion. Or, to have been the victim of such.
3. To gaslight with politeness. Or, have been a victim as such.

verb (used without object)
swoo-dle-duped, swoo-dle-dup-ing

1. To swoodledupe. Or, to be the target of a swoodledupe.


1. A swoodledupe.
2. A person who swoodledupes.
<“The Nazi’s definitely swoodleduped Czerniaków if he

thought suicide was his best and most moral option after selling out his people.”>
<“That narcissistic psychologist is swoodleduping his patients into believing that wasting their time and paying for his bad advice are actually good ideas. So much for ‘Wise Minds’ I guess.”>
<Swoodleduped, the citizens forgot how to relate to eachother and instead were forced to relate to a fascist state for the fulfillment of their every need.>
<“Don’t you dare try to pull any of that fake-woke polite-white swoodleduping shit on me! I know my history and capitalism fundamentally cannot be reformed because it’s a Western corruption of Islamic-economics and has always relied on enslavement and genocide!”>
<Chevron performed a superb swoodledupe when they convinced the people of Richmond, CA that their refinery is worth more to the community than all the poison gas leaks, explosions, ill health, and lack of opportunity.>
<In a grand historical swoodledupe, China fueled the settlement of the Americas and the expansion of the slave trade by selling their luxury goods to conquistadors in exchange for the gold and silver being extracted in the Americas by their slaves.>
<The worst sort of swoodledupe is when we swoodledupe ourselves into believing we can be bystanders to oppression: being a silent witness is the same as being an active perpetrator.>
by AnthropoceneArchaeopteryx November 30, 2017
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