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A disease which entails being a fat troll without any purpose, potential or potential potential in life. It is infact, a kind way of diagnising someone with chronic hopelessness and social herpes in one notion, thus saving much initial heartache, and possibly preventing patient depression and eventual suicide due to their realisation and understanding of how truely pathetic their existance is. Though there isn't much you can do to help a sufferer deal with the pains related to having this contagious, neuro-physical contion. Only one cure has been established as of yet; which, quite fittingly is a bullet. Unfortunately, this treatment is not utilised to the fullness of its potential due to humanitarians believing these creatures have souls, when really they exist similarly to reformed WOW addicts - praying on the souls of guys who really need to find someone new and stop posting pathetic facebook statuses about how much they miss their socially retarded, physically distorted, irrational pig of an ex.
Guy: "I miss her so much..."

Guy's Friend: "Oh, Shut the fuck up already and put a bullet in her skull she's got swishilitis. She's as good as got rabbies."
by I'mStillFixingMyStairs June 10, 2011
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