used in theatre / musicals when an actor can play all roles
oh my god! did you see collette guitart in six the musical? she’s a swingo!
by ihatemyselff October 20, 2019
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SWINGO is a mixture of 2 words:

It's a game that's like SPEED DATING FOR SWINGERS.

The little numbered balls in the spinning bingo cage are used to help SWINGERS hook up.

When couples enter a SWINGO event, the man and woman are given a wrist band with the same number on it as their partner, but a different number from all of the other couples.

Every half hour, (the time varies), numbers are pulled from the spinning bingo ball cage and the couples with those numbers must then meet on the dance floor to pull choices from an activities bag (I call it the party pouch, but call it whatever you want to).

The choices they can draw revolve around whatever amenities the venue has to offer. The couples can share a dance or a drink or more.

They can also decline if they wish, if they don't feel that the other couple would be a match for them.

All the numbers are called to ensure that everyone has met everyone else by the end of the event.

Joe and Susan (#12) met Mark and Karen (#3) on the dance floor.

Both couples drew a chip from the party pouch telling them what they had to do.

Joe and Susan drew the "1 dance" chip, so Susan danced with Mark and Joe danced with Karen.
Note: Karen could have danced with Susan, instead of Joe, if she wanted to. :D

Next, Mark and Karen drew the "1 drink" chip, so both couples sat down to talk and have a drink together.

If the couples hit it off, they can pull another chip!!
by Art Network Media April 27, 2010
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A contraction of Swine and Lingo we get Swingo.

Swingo is the language that is used in police stations, on tickets, and by cops everywhere.
"The cop said to me 'I'm gonna arrest you for a 529, and reckless endangerment'. I couldn't understand a word of his swingo though, coz his accent was so thick"
by General Asmir September 26, 2004
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