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swingball refers to the ageing of a womans clitoris. and the drouping of it through old age. hence dangles and moves about like the ball in the common game of swingball
a woman who is saggin through age has a sagging clitoris hence is like a swingball
by lee Wadsworth May 18, 2007
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The origins of the game of swing-ball are both complex and convoluted. Sadly, much of the history of this great sport has been lost through the decay and ravages of time. Nevertheless, a rough sketch of the creation and development of the game can, at least in part, be ascertained.

In the Autumn of 2001, a handful of high school students from Hawthorne, New Jersey met to discuss their plans for the upcoming season. The game of soccer had grown in popularity in the small town over the last few decades, and several of these young men actively took part in the local school team. The group hoped to develop a training regimen that would assist in improving their own dribbling and passing skills, as well as general fitness and agility.

The result of this brain-trust would be what we now know as swing-ball. Early pick-up games at Goffle Brook Park quickly became common-place, and a call for organization and structure for the sport soon became deafening. In response to this, the founders of the sport agreed upon the establishment of an official organization: the United Swing-Ball Association (U.S.B.A.). This association now oversees all known amateur and professional leagues globally.

It is hoped that this website will assist in uniting and mobilizing all future grassroots efforts for the advancement and establishment of swing-ball leagues.
Ben: There's a swingset!
Charlie: Anyone have a soccerball?
Dave: Yeah!
Joe: Anyone up for a little 2 on 2 swing-ball?
Unison: HECK YEAH!!
by DMBoyd June 13, 2008
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