the act of exposing something true, but unpleasant or politically inconvenient about a progressive.

refers to the swiftboat veterans for truth. when john kerry attempted to capitalize on his brief service in vietnam, a group comprised of all but a handful of veterans who served in the same combat area of operations and mos came forward to underline what a bullshitter kerry was. among other things, they demonstrated that kerry didn't earn his combat medals, lied about christmas in cambodia, and seemingly only enlisted so he could turn directly around and participate in an effort to brand all veterans as war criminals.

the term has since been turned into a generic pejorative for any revelation about a public progressive which progressives can't dismiss on a factual basis. the idea is to name the "crime" of telling the truth about progressives on the same axiomatic level as "theft" or "rape". progressives are implicit totalitarians who don't like having their authority challenged.
"now they're trying to swiftboat bernie ward by publishing the chat transcript in which he talked about having his daughter blow his son in front of him."
by juuuummmmyyyy October 14, 2009
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